I have officially been gone too long from this space.  I almost forgot my log in password.  What?

KristenMakes and I did a KAL this month using Jo’s pattern, Mazarin (Ravelry Link).  Though I am stupidly not finished with the project on time (it is momentarily laid aside because of a last minute birthday knit), I am loving how it is turning out: 

(As of today I am further along than this photo shows, almost to the decreases)  More on the project to come…


Good morning from 2012!

Just a quick recap before I head back to organize our flat (messy from holiday festivities).    I can’t believe it’s 2012 already.   I know, I know – everyone you’ve ever met has said that or something similar to you in the last few hours.  But still, I repeat – I can’t believe it’s 2012 already.  Seth and I are almost halfway through our three years in Edinburgh, according to the Mayan calendar the world is about to end, and since it’s January, it is no longer okay for me to listen to only my favorite three Christmas albums (at least, not in front of other people).

2011 was a great year – we went to Paris, enjoyed a summer in Edinburgh (not hot persay, but sun from 4am to 12pm, yes please!), hosted many visitors and visited our homes in the states.

I did complete 20 knitting projects during the year – finishing with some baby hats for my soon to be born nephew and a friend’s new baby son.   I didn’t manage to blog twice a week, but don’t actually feel guilty about it.  My book goal fell one book short, but I am thinking that somewhere during the year, I read a book and neglected to blog it, so I am considering that goal a success despite my lack of actual ‘Book 52 of 52’ post.

For 2012, I plan to:
1. Finish 20 knitting projects.
2. Fit all of my crafting supplies into only two cubbies by December (currently occupying five cubbies and two small bins).
3. Sew a hexagon quilt.
4. Workout 3x/week (Zumba, Pilates/Yoga and running)
5. Get outside of Edinburgh and hike/walk once a month.
6. Read a history of Scotland (have one on my shelf just now – by a Scot named Magnus Magnusson – what a name!)

I wrote a few more down somewhere, but I will start there for now.    Besides my own goals, 2012 will hold a trip to London with Seth, potential trips to Ireland and back to Paris, another visit home to the states, another summer spent by the swan pond near our flat and plenty of good times with friends (and hopefully a good new job in there somewhere as well).

Here’s to your 2011s and 2012s whatever you completed and have planned!

A finished version of Jane’s unfinished work.  My favorite version.

A women thrown from her wealthy lifestyle makes a living as a successful seamstress.  And no, this is not a romance novel in the trashy sense, despite the title and strange cover image.  :)


Another Yarn Harlot book – I am loving the knitting humor.


Continued on through the short series – enjoyed the re-read!  Felt a little nerdy reading a children’s series, but it brought back so many good memories of reading it when I was younger.  The writing and the humor is very clever – would be a good series to read together with kids without getting totally bored.

One of my favorites from my childhood and clever enough to be interesting to an adult.  It’s the first in a four book series, so I think I will continue reading through them (for probably the 10th time in my life, if not more).  GREAT for older elementary school kids and anyone who can still appreciate a story involving practically minded princesses, dragons, princes and magical kings.




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