My workspace & stashes consist of a project desk with bookshelf sides, a small closet stuffed to the brim, a few tubs in the apt storage space, a cedar chest in our bedroom, and occasionally our dining room table when I have a large pile of sewing happening.  So when it gets out of hand, my crafting paraphernalia takes up most of our tiny one bedroom.  Here it was last month:


And here it is today, in it’s new location by the window:


The light is giving the photo this kind of run down look which I actually really like.     As you can see, the desk is a lot neater (really it is, and no, there is nothing hiding on the floor that you can’t see).   While my husband was away on a trip, I rearranged what I could of our living room, cleaned out my crafts closet, and brought over the cedar chest that we’d been storing at his parent’s house.  Then I took my whole yarn stash and put it in there:

yarn stash

While my stash is not as substantial as some other knitters, it still all of a sudden looked a lot bigger when I finally had it all in one place!  That was quite the realization for me – sort of a wake up call really.   In order to manage the crafting chaos, I have made several pledges to myself:  

1. Re-sign for Wardrobe Refashion (Pledge starting July 1) No more new store bought clothes for 6 months!
2. No more new yarn until I finish lots of WIPs and make some room in that chest (*except for my trip to Midwest Fibre & Folk in July) Let’s try seeing if I can go for 6 months on that, too.
3. Work exclusively from the stash for all projects.  Which shouldn’t be hard, I mean, I have enough projects waiting to be done to last me a years worth of full time work on them – this is going to be good for our apt and our finances…   
4.  Attempt to create all of our Christmas gifts this year from stash materials (although I will give myself a few exceptions for some spectacular gift ideas I already have for a few special people) 
5. Keep the thrift store shopping down to once a month – my stash is literally overflowing with refashionable items… 

Well, this starts today – who thinks I can last at least a month?  A week?  Anybody?

annie  xoxo