Here is one of my newer WIPs:

Rachel Yarn
It’s a simple triangle shawl – I cast on 5 stitches with markers around the center stitch and am increasing by picking up four stitches each right side row.  The increases happen after the first stitch, before the first marker, after the second marker and before the last stitch – and the whole thing is worked in garter stitch. I am just going to keep knitting until this yarn is GONE!  It’s been a nice, relaxing knit so far – just enough increases and color changes to keep my interest.   

I am using up some stash yarn on this one – normally I am not a huge pink fan for my own items, but this heather-y pink I have had for a few years – it and the lighter gray are Wool-Ease (gasp, I know) but they are soft and work well for this project.  The medium gray and the camel yarn are KnitPicks worsted with some merino…  bought to test colors for a sweater for my hubby.  Neither were what I was looking for, plus he has since made it sadly clear that I shouldn’t knit him anything big (I think he’s worried he won’t like it, but will have to wear it based on the amount of time I put in), so I think I will stick with hats and mittens for him for now.

I wasn’t sure about the camel with the grays & pink, but I think I need to learn to be more open about color combos.  I find that the color combos I choose a bit predictable, BUT when I see other people add in a shot of orange or a dash of yellow to their work – somehow the “unthinkable” color, whatever it is, looks good and complements the rest of the work!   That being said, now that it’s in, the camel is growing on me.
I am kind of imagining this as a cool weather house-wrap type shawl as I think it will get a bit heavy and I don’t know how it will drape to wear it as a shawl.  
If I were the Yarn Harlot, I would take photos of it as it grows… but I think I will just wait to post about it when it is completed (for my sake).

Oh yeah, when I said I would have a give-away, I really did mean it – I will post about it this weekend!