1. It has been alternating fall and summer weather here in IL.  Why does it do this?

2. I haven’t been doing much knitting – but I do have some projects picked for Christmas gifts and have made plans to go to the Midwest Fibre and Folk Art Festival.  Does it count as knitting when you’ve been planning projects and trips to purchase yarn?  No? okay.

3. I haven’t done any refashioning this week so far, but I also haven’t purchased any clothing as per my Wardrobe Refashion pledge.

4. Next week I am going to be gone from this space (except to post the giveaway winners), and will be on a local missions trip with the students from my church.  It should be a fun, but long, week.

5. My husband is working very hard on a book project and I can’t see him too much.  I miss him – get done soon, babe!

6. Our Apt needs a good scrubbing.  Maybe I will go work on that now… 

Happy Wednesday!