Here are a few of my latest refashions:

brown cardi

A rarely worn pullover into a cardigan, using vintage thrifted lace hem tape to pretty it up.  Wore it the next day!

shorts 2.0

Another pair of shorts from thrifted pants using thick bias tape to hem.

Also am finishing up a brown floral one shoulder (oooh, trying new things is great!) dress for a wedding this weekend, and making a belt to finish up this dress I made a while back that has sat unfinished for a while…

gray dress

I don’t have the pattern number on my right now… It’s a gray patterned cotton with a bright purple hem and will have an obi style belt in the same purple. 
Here are some upcoming projects:


The top left from the first pattern, and any of the views from the second pattern.   I am really going to have to get a digital camera – I mean, my phone takes okay photos, but this blog needs to be prettied up a bit in a bad way…

Plans for tonight: 
1. Finish the brown floral dress.
2. Prep my three swap packages to mail ASAP!
3. Go over my duties as Anna’s wedding reception coordinator.
4. Post on Wardrobe Refashion
5. Talk my hubby into taking me to the serve your own frozen yogurt sundae place – yum…