It turns out that I am GREAT at making plans for projects, wonderful at collecting ideas, and really good at finding new things to interest and inspire me.   However, I wonder if I don’t spend too much time finding these new things to do and not enough time actually doing them.   Does anyone else have this problem?    

I probably have over 200 knitting patterns favorited on Ravelry, 30+ actually printed out and in my patterns binder.  I know I have 40+ sewing patterns, and a sizeable stash of usable fabrics and items to be refashioned.  I keep a jumpdrive of patterns, photos, inspirational things that I can keep with me when I happen to see something online that I don’t want to forget about – wherever I am.  I have a sketchbook filled with cut out photos from magazines of fashion ideas, room designs I want to steal, and random prettiness that I knew would be inspiring someday.  I subscribe to about 35 blogs that I check more than once daily through my phone RSS reader.   I have a cedar chest full of yarn and enough cool looking paper to last anyone a lifetime of card making and other paper fun.  I did cut down on my bead supplies, but still could make a small army of pieces, that is of course if any of it matched – which it doesn’t.    I have a shelf of craft-y magazines and another of craft-y books.  While my stash is not as large as some I have heard about (and seen), I could probably craft full time for a year or two and not run out of supplies.

 My mind is on inspiration overload.

And yet, my actual creating is down to about one item a week when I feel (maybe wrongly) that it should be more…

I don’t even know what else to say about it (and I have been sitting here typing and deleting for 30 minutes) except to ask:  Anyone else ever dealt with this issue?  What did you do about it?  What is so dis-satisfying to me about having too many project plans? Why do I feel so far behind when this is only a hobby for me?  Do I need to switch to being a non-stash crafter who only works on 1-3 projects at a time with NO “stash”?  HELP!