1. Sew another 100 lavender drawer sachets for the Women’s Retreat promo at church on Sunday.  Let me just note that I am NOT a fan of the scent of lavender.

2. Work on my secret knitting project (that I have never actually mentioned here – but will once I am done/have gifted it).

3. Bake more cookies, perhaps trying out the Cowgirl Cookie Recipe from Bakerella.

4. Clean my apartment.  Seriously.

5. Visit the Wheaton French Market (like a farmer’s market) followed by a knitting session with Kristen, picking up finished ceramics at Out on a Whim, buying even more supplies for school (which I LOVE by the way – more to come on that later), oh, and finishing those dang-ed sachets.

6. Other various crafty-ness, homework, socializing and veg-ing.  And maybe a few more blog posts – I am realizing I have a lot of unposted projects.   

I. Like. Weekends.