1. Made dinner for some friends this past week and enjoyed some fro-yo at our new favorite self-serve fro-yo sundae place.  I made caesar salad with fried raviolis (Thank you, Rachael Ray).

fried raviolis

2. My sister-in-law got married this past weekend in a beautiful outdoor wedding.  Man, did she hit all the right notes with this wedding, it was beautiful, but simple, and elegant, but fun…  and she was a knock-out.  The groomsmen wore sweater vests and we bridesmaids had cute strapless dresses with a muted botanical print.  One of the bridesmaids got smacked in the face with a falling clump of leaves from the tree above us…  it was awesome.


I had my hair done professionally for the first time ever (I love doing hair so have always done my own for dances, weddings, etc…).  The mother of a bridesmaid has a salon in her basement and offered to do our hair for free.  Here’s my to-the-side updo:

my hair

The bride made us all burnt-edge organza flowers for our hair.

3.  I started the Meret (mystery beret) from Wooly Wormhead as weekend knitting, and am close to done on it – photos to come.

4. I draped a front and back bodice for my Draping class:

front bodice

5. I am hoping to make September and October my WIP months.  My plan is to finish what I can, frog what I don’t want, and free myself up from the burden of guilt due to unfinished projects so I can start afresh on only a select few projects at a time.  I think I work better when I come across a sudden inspiration and work it start to finish then when I make tons of plans and organize too many things at once.  We’ll see how it goes, as I have made this promise to myself before…  Maybe giving myself two months will help.   I was inspired by Angry Chicken’s post to restart my quest.

I will be back with some finished crafts that I haven’t posted… time to get to class!