I am finally manning up and finishing some WIPs that have been in the pile for a while.  Here they are (sorry for the poor photo…):

refashions sept(from left to right)

1. Plaid pajama pants that were too short – hemmed into capris.
2. Black yoga style pants that were too short – added length from a thrifted, patterned piece of jersey.
3. A light green slip that will soon be a silk cami once I add straps (Just re-found this thrifted 100% silk slip in my stash of fabrics, and yeah, there is NO way this is fitting over my hips…so into a top it turns)
4. a light blue stripe thrifted Old Navy button down that fit great, but had this cheesy applique/sequin/embroidery covering the back.  I took off the sequins and then covered the rest with my own (maybe cheesy?) applique/ribbons/iron-on/etc artwork.

bird applique(okay, I guess that just isn’t going to rotate, at all.)

I need to go back and embroider a flight line for the bird, and attach a small ricrac flower over the pink corner ribbon – so this one will move from machine sewing WIP pile to hand-sewing WIP pile.  Hopefully not for long.   I will post an update about this one once it’s finished.

Other than those I worked on my Meret (will be done tonight), worked on a WIP dress, organized our storage space, pulled out some fabrics for Christmas gifts, and made a yummy pizza with my husband.   All of this activity followed a morning spent picking apples at an orchard.  What a good Saturday. Bring on Sunday.