How can I go so long without blogging?   I make great plans for this site you know, I really do, but somehow school, work, home & my cute husband, and creating things take over actually posting things.  And I think that that’s okay with me.  But I still plan on being better about posting, shall we say we will meet in this space once a week?  Maybe even just for WIP Wednesday, which sadly has only actually happened twice and even then, only once on an actual Wednesday.  But I digress…

I have been having a productive Saturday, if you can count keeping-busy-but-not-following-the-original-to-do-list productive.

1. Finish the d*#@ mittens.
2. Bake an Apple Chocolate Cake.
3. Do Homework for all my classes.
4. Get a jumpstart on some Christmas gifts – in this case, some reusable shopping tote bags.
5.  Organize my paperwork which is piling up.

1. Finished one mitten.
2. Baked a cake – tastes great, but fell apart in the pan and does not looks as pretty as I had hoped.
3. Cleaned the kitchen. I mean, REALLY cleaned it.
4. Watched Monk, Psych and the Office on
5. Took out the tote making stuff, but ended up making one small Fabric Basket.
6. Looked at dozens of patterns for knitting and sewing – dreaming of the day when I am done with my WIPs so I can make some of them.
7. Made all my paperwork fit into the files – note that this is technically different than actually organizing it.
8. Cleaned the bedroom and living room, well, sort of.
9. Looked at my homework and decided to work on that other/last mitten.

#9 is where I am right now.  Watching “Two Towers” (duh.) and working on the mittens.  I know I can’t really complain about what I’ve gotten done today – most of it does resemble what was on my original list – I guess I am just feeling guilty about ditching the homework…

Photos and other crafty fun to come later – maybe even tonight!  We’ll see how the mitten goes.