Though it was not in my pile of WIPs (you remember my October goal of finishing those up), I made up a quick Fabric Basket.    I sort of followed this tutorial (found via here) but modified it to make it bigger.   I made it inbetween finishing Clare’s Mittens on Saturday and used it immediately to hold the yarn for finishing said mittens.  It’s nice because it holds the yarn in, but has a larger opening than my knitting bag and the yarn stays put in the basket without getting caught on handles, etc.  

fabric bucket

It’s about 6″x8″x6″ and has sort of a slouchy stand to it. Fabric and ribbons from the stash.  I have lots of other fabrics that would work for these and might make some up as holiday gifts.  For now I am just going to be happy that I created something – and for whatever reason, I like it more since I started and finished it in one day (one hour really) instead of it going into my WIP pile.   Speaking of which, I have to get back to the WIP pile and cease drooling over all the new things I want to make until this pile is GONE.