I can not explain fully enough my joy that these mittens are finished.  Not only am I pleased to have them  ready to give to their future hands before the first snow fall, I am in need of something else to knit besides fair isle. There is just soooo much concentration needed.   (Clare & Dan, I hope you love your mittens, and I really did like making them for you. Sorry they were so late after your wedding even though I starting them this summer.)



Sorry they are not rotated – apparently rotating something and then saving it that way doesn’t actually mean that they are rotated.  Boo.

Clare’s are on top with her new monogram on one side and a diamond pattern on the other.  Dan’s have a squirrel and acorn on one side and his nickname on the other (I am going to help out the look of the acorn, nickname and other weird looking things with some duplicate stitching).  The mitten shell pattern itself is out of Marvelous Mittens (it might be Magnificent Mittens – I don’t remember the book title, I took a class on these) but I designed the monogram, nickname & pattern and diamond pattern.  The squirrel pattern I adopted to this size from the Squirrel Mittens pattern on Ravelry.  The wrist patterns I made up as I went along.  So in essence these are sort of Franken-mittens.   

Now if you could all pray with me that Dan’s mittens won’t be too big that would be great.  When I try them on, I feel as if a bear’s paw could fit into them…  not the most reassuring feeling.   Anyone ever successfully shrink a cotton/acrylic blend yarn in the washing machine/dryer?