Current WIPs:

1. Birthday Hat for Gigi (started today, hopefully finished  by tomorrow)  This was a last minute project that was not already on the WIP list.

2. Tan Scarf Half done – finished one 100g skein of sock weight yarn and starting the second.  Depending on the day, this simple stockinette stitch scarf is either nice and relaxing OR boring as all get out.

3. Ella Rae Vest Coming along nicely, though slowly.   I am done with the back, and up to the armhole shaping on one front half.

4. Two Triangles Baby Blanket Haven’t touched this in about a month, but have big plans to work on it once the above listed projects are done.

Wow, I think that might be all of them for now. Way to go WIP October!

Finished projects:
1. Modified Maine Morning Mitts for my husband (Photos on those to come tomorrow)
2. Aran Weight simple stockinette and rib hat, eventually to become a matching set with some Toasty Fingerless Mitts.

New Projects:
(I know I am not supposed to be starting anything, but seeing as I started and finished both Maine Morning Mitts and a hat, thereby NOT adding anything to the WIP list for too long,  I think I might be able to sneak by without the WIP police arresting me.)

1. Felted Bowls An attempt to use up some wool in my stash – most of which was bought for this purpose.  I am really liking to have these as my go-to inbetween projects, or for when I need a knitting break (I am crocheting them).  I should do a whole post on these, I am sort of addicted to them…
2. Toasty Fingerless Mitts Not yet started, but these will probably be my first to-do after WIP October (would it be wrong to call it WIPtober?) besides a few secret Christmas presents that I have planned.
3. Charity Knitting My church knitting group, well, all two of us, are going to be knitting up some hats to donate to both local children’s charities and to The Ships Project (for soldiers).  I am hoping to amp up my charity knitting this winter and use my skills for good (not evil – though I don’t know that knitting counts as a super power)

In other news, I bought some new goldfish last week.  Two of the four have already died.  The second one to die had been heavy-breathing for about 24 hours before dying.

R.I.P. Heavy-Breather.

Alright, back to the needles.  Happy knitting and fish-flushing to you on this Wednesday.