As said before (you know, last week when I last posted…ugh), I finished some Maine Morning Mitts for my husband.  Finally found some manly yarn and got to work.  They knitted up pretty quickly, which I always like, as I tend more towards the impatient side when it comes to projects (love of small projects, anyone?).


The palm side – one of the mods I made was to make the palm side smooth stockinette rather than ribbed.  This required some changing when it came to the thumbs, so really what I took from the actual pattern was the amount of stitches to cast on, the idea of a ribbed pattern and how long to make the mitts.


Here is the back side. For those that don’t know the Maine Morning Mitts pattern, this side would be what both sides should look like with that pattern. By coincidence, these mitts came out with three cream-ish stripes all in similar spots on both mitts, which I was really pleased with – I enjoy matching-ness without too much matching-ness if that makes sense…

I have some more skeins of this yarn and may make a few more pairs of these, but they must wait for their turn in the queue… I am still working on finishing up some WIPs (and starting new things too, man, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it the whole month…)