Alrighty –  Here is where I am at Knitting-wise:

1. The small hat I was making for my Goddaughter was too late for her birthday, and also too small for her head.  It is now an auction item along with matching baby thumbless mitts for an upcoming fundraising banquet.   Hat done, one mitt done, the other will be done by Friday.

2. Plan to start some mittens out of my blue Aran yarn to match the hat I finished a few weeks ago.  I know it’s not technically a WIP yet, but is practically there.

3. Still carrying around that tan stockinette scarf half finished.  I think it might be on a time out for a little while.

4. I am going to MN this weekend and took the vest out of my knitting bag to make room for some other smaller projects to bring with me.  That vest does have a (generous) due date though in the form of my school’s Spring Fashion Show.  It will be in there with a coordinating dress I plan to make.

5. Just started some Midge Mittens (Rav) out of sock-weight yarn.  They looked wierd to me in the pattern photo, but my knitting group friend Susanna just made some and they were really cute in person!  Am hoping mine end up looking as good as hers.

6. Haven’t touched that baby blanket in a while – though I guess I did have to move it to get to some other yarn… :)

7.  Am taking some crocheted bowls up to MN with me to take advantage of my mom’s washing machine… I think I have a bowl out of each of my felting yarns, so hopefully this will give me a good gauge as to how they each felt for future use.

I do feel as though I am forgetting something, but will have to save it for next week’s installment.  What’s in your knitting bag this week?