Well, I guess it’s okay that I missed Wednesday, since really I don’t have any updates on finished WIPs.  I did make good progress on my mittens, and made a Jane Austen Halloween costume for a party I went to last weekend (post coming soon, hopefully before Thanksgiving obliterates Halloween memories).

Now that I think about it, I did finish two refashions while trying to fix my sewing machine last night.  Sewed up pants into a skirt refashion that had been sitting in my to-do pile for-literally-ever.  Have yet to try it on, so we’ll see how it looks.

Starting on Wednesday night I got a pretty bad cold, so while I really want to be spending time finishing lots of projects, I know that I should be resting.  So I think for this week, I will be happy with those two small refashions, working on my mittens, and maybe work on some homework…. maybe.

I will be back in this space once I feel better/Wordpress decides to let me upload photos.  Back to resting!