Current Projects:

1. Secret Birthday Knitting for Seth – Just started and need to work on… just need to figure out how to get him out of the house…
2. Lace Twist Mitts – From the fall Knitscene.  These will end up as a Christmas gift for someone yet to be determined.  
3. Finishing up my Asher vest for Vestvember (yes, that’s November in knitter’s language). Need to finish up the second front, collar and do some finishing work.  This may actually happen people – aren’t you proud?
4. Those other projects (tan scarf & shawl turned baby blanket) that have currently been set gently aside…  Just pretend they aren’t there for a little while.

My plan to finish up all my WIPs in Sept/Oct did go better than I planned, despite #3 & 4 not being done.  All of the things I am starting I am working pretty well on and I think I may be okay project wise for a time – though I can’t always predict when startitis may sneak in…

I spent the weekend at home sick, so I do have some finished Midge mittens to show you once I get the photos off my phone.  (Note: they look better on actual hands than off – they look funny in the linked pattern but I swear they are cute.)