This post is unbearably late, but well, this is about how behind I am in real life, so at least it’s honest…

I spent Halloween weekend in MN, flew in on Thursday night late and came back Sunday.    Spent some time with different friends and lots of time with my family. My mom and sister went shopping, my friend Alicia took me out horseback riding (AMAZING), I met some friends for coffee,  did some knitting, and whirled about in a fast motion trying to fit in all that I could. 

Included in this whirling were last minute free tickets to the David Gray concert.  Let me tell you the “fun” story that goes with that outing:

My friend Anna and I drove downtown to the Orpheum and arrived during the opening act.  We noticed immediately that the couple in front of us was very cuddly.  A little annoying, but whatever.  When the woman goes out for a cigarette and then returns, it becomes apparent that she is very intoxicated – and that the cuddliness is actually the boyfriend’s way of restraining her in an attempt to not ruin other people’s concert experience. We at this point applauded him for his care for this woman – who we are guessing is not as grateful as she should be for the $50 tickets he’s purchased for her.
We were sitting at the end of a row, right behind this couple, so this woman got up stumbled into the aisle and went out for another cigarette.   When she returned, there was another, also drunk, man with her, who we assumed was a friend of theirs, as there was an open seat next to them.  This assumption was proved wrong when she began to introduce him to her boyfriend in a loud voice, explaining that she met him outside where he had also been smoking and that he had ditched his wife and friends at a basketball game a few blocks away when she invited him to join her at the concert.    So now we have this drunk woman, her angry boyfriend, and a random drunk man off the street sitting in front of us.   The two crazies were being loud and Anna and I were happy to have been gifted the tickets for free, as the paying attendees around us were NOT happy to have their David Gray experience ruined by this woman and her random new friend.
Finally, she goes outside again, leaving random drunk man and the boyfriend alone.  Boyfriend is not happy about this.   He is even more unhappy when she comes back in, leans over Anna into our row and starts explaining that she met some people outside and plans to attend a party with them.  Boyfriend insists on going with her, she resists, he finally gets mad enough to just leave (as I must admit, I would have already done long ago).   She follows after him, leaving us poor concert goers with random drunk man from off the street.  
To finish off the whole crazy mess, he begins talking to Anna and I, insisting that we give him high fives, but creepily referring to it as “Giving him some skin”.     
I think my favorite moment was this quote, spoken in a slurred voice, “It’s just destiny that I am supposed to be here tonight, I mean, I am going to get my a** kicked when I get home, but this concert is awesome, and it’ s just becoming more apparent, minute by minute, that I am supposed to be here.  Give me some skin!” 
To which, Anna replied simply, “We’re done.”

Random drunk man left after a minute or two longer, and Anna and I were finally able to focus and enjoy what was a GREAT concert.  I knew more of David Gray’s songs than I thought I did and hope to buy some of his music soon. It might have even been worth the $50 had I not sat behind that unfortunate threesome. It is funny that my memory of the concert focuses less on the music and more on other concert goers…

On a different note: on Saturday night, (after helping my mom hand out candy to cute neighborhood kids) I attended a SWEET real-deal Halloween costume party at Anna and her husband’s house.  I mean, how can you go wrong when the Facebook party invite is titled, “A Murderapolis Halloween – This party is going to kill”   and insists that those without costumes will not be allowed in?

I attended as Jane Austen in a costume I had made up the week before.  It’s very barely accurate, but seemed to work well enough for this party.  I LOVED wearing a floor length dress in this soft cotton, and wish I were confident enough to wear something like this in real life – well, sort of like this, but updated… you know what I mean.

Jane Austen Halloween Costume

I plan to do a whole post just on the making of the dress, and will include a photo of my full costume then (come on, Mom, send me the photos!)    

Also attending the party were a cat (Hi, A. Botz!), a member of the papparazzi, a priest and a nun, the Metrodome along with a dome dog and a soda, Robin Da Hood, Sweeney Todd, Pam & Jim from the Office (in their wedding episode attire), Santa Claus, a Guitar Hero Avatar and a plastic soldier toy.  Oh, and a friend from college and I talked for about ten minutes before I realized that his policeman costume was actually a quite innapropriate stripper style policeman costume complete with short shorts.  Yikes.  My friend Tony set up all of his DJ stuff  – lights and the whole deal.    It was great to see people and catch up, dance a little and eat Halloween themed food – and of course make fun of people attempting to bob for apples.  One of the best parts about this party was it’s proximity to my parent’s house. Anna and Tyler bought the house across the alley – an easy 10-second walking distance.  I ran home in my dress, it felt like I was Cinderella at midnight – and I must say, long dresses make everything feel more dramatic…

(Wow, this got really long, time for an abrupt ending.)

What a fun weekend – Thanks MN!