Hey look – it’s actually Wednesday!  Aren’t you proud?

Knitting has been a little spotty around here lately – it’s been busy and I am being pulled in a million directions.    I am still way behind on my Vestvember goal of finishing my Asher vest, and WAY WAY behind on Seth’s birthday gift (sorry, babe, this may turn into a Christmas gift).  I pulled apart the Lace Twist mitts from last WIP post, but plan to restart them soon with a few less stitches.  The rest is still sort of the same. I am now forcing myself to have really limited knitting goals for the next few months.

My reason for this is that I have been focusing more on sewing these days, since I am designing for a FASHION SHOW!  My friend Jaqueline is putting together a show at a club in downtown Chicago for January or February, and I have been busy sketching and sewing (and crocheting) for it.  I wasn’t going to do it since I don’t have that big of a portfolio, or anything resembling a collection, but then I decided that since I am in school for this, I should at least try to do a couple shows and took on the challenge!

I have a lot to do, so blogging is going to take a back seat (since I only post once a week, it may already appear to be in the back seat – but now I mean that WAY back seat, like the rear facing one in an old station wagon).  I scheduled a few posts for this weekend, so my 2-3 readers won’t miss me (ha!) while I am off designing and sewing (ten runway looks in 5 weeks with three holidays thrown in there – yikes). I will post photos and stories from the show once I feel a little more confident about finishing.

I plan to have a lot of fun designing and sewing, but I already sort of miss knitting.  I am so strange.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Slowly God is teaching me to be more grateful for the life He has given me and I hope that everyone can recognize all there is to be thankful for this Thanksgiving amidst the chaos.  Blessings!