Whenever I haven’t blogged in a while, I feel the need to list off random items of update.  Usually this is without photos, but today I have some random photos to go along with this random list:

1. I miss MN.  Mostly friends and family now, more than places.  I miss people who know me, and know my faith story, and who knew me when I was younger and yet still except me for the crazy person they know me to be (underneath my adult-looking exterior).

{mums that lasted two weeks and a crocheted infinity scarf}

2. I am not yet done with my Christmas shopping, but due to my small amount of handmade items this year, I am feeling pretty good about a non-stressful on-time completion of gifts.

3. The fashion show that I am designing for with my friend Jacqueline is now set for February 3.  I am working on some new sketches to match the feel of the club where the show will be held.  Note: The promoter we are working with at the club thinks he is impressing us by continuously offering us the perk of free booze before, during and after the show.  Since Jacqueline and I aren’t really big-drinkers, he probably could’ve have ended the list of perks with the free hair/makeup artists and professional photographers they are hooking us up with for this 15-20 minute fashion show – which I am thrilled about.  The other thing I am not thrilled about is the fact that the promoter repeatedly used phrases like, “It’s going to be hot” and “That will be dope.”  I was a little concerned that he might come out next with the phrase, “That’s the bomb.”  Had a little trouble not laughing out loud, just being honest.

{New yarn for the stash from Windsor Button in Boston.
Colors are a little darker than shown here – LOVE this yarn!

4. I am busy this week finishing up a lot of homework for school – three big final projects with little assignments added in.  Photos of those to come…

Well, there is a short random list.  Hopefully I will have more interesting list items next time.   Happy December!

{Came out one morning to find this teddy bear sitting on my husband’s desk,
guess he got lonely during a late night study session