Over Thanksgiving weekend I had two good friends come by for a 3 day visit.   Ann and Laena came into town on Friday and we kept busy the rest of the weekend until they left Monday morning.    We went to my favorite places in Wheaton, went downtown, did some crafting and a little relaxing too.

While downtown, we visited Loopy Yarns and each picked out something fun.  Laena asked if I would knit her some mittens, Ann bought some yarn to learn to crochet, and I picked up a plain gray yarn for a hat to make sometime after the holiday craziness.    When we each signed up for the email list, we got free tote bags!  I do love free items!

We then went to the Art Institute to see the Impressionist wing and a few other select pieces.    Here was my favorite:

{Winged Figure: Abbott Handerson Thayer}

We swept through most of the rooms, then headed a few other places downtown before going back to Wheaton and decorating the Christmas tree in the foyer of my church.  Thanks again for your help with that, ladies!

On Sunday we painted ceramics at this really cute place called Out on a Whim.  I picked a Christmas tree shaped plate, Ann painted a big mug and Laena painted a Reindeer Mug.

Thanks for visiting me in Chi-town, ladies –  Your fired ceramic pieces will make their way to you at Christmas-time!  I had a great weekend and loved spending time with old friends.