Only a few Christmas knits this year –

Two unphoto-ed gifts for my sisters: a slouchy version of the stashy hat in a dark gray (my own pattern mods) and a basketweave/waffle-y stitch cowl in a tangerine orange (my own pattern). 

A scarf for Seth (a birthday gift really)  – 300 stitches by 26 rows =7800 stitches of love and warmth in manly colors:

A stashy hat for a cousin (we do a name exchange among extended family) out of soft purple yarn, I admit to almost keeping this one for myself, but don’t tell:

It fits like a slightly loose beany, but is long enough to cover your ears.  I love this pattern.

I also crocheted a bunch of bowls to felt as gifts for my office-mates, will be finishing/wrapping those tonight with some candy in each…

Next up on the knitting list:
1. Two hats for the Ships Project.
2. Finish that vest, you remember, the one that has taken me almost a year to finish?
3. Lots of little things – a cowl, a couple hats – an attempt to thin out the stash a little bit for the new year.

I might also start something fun and new since I need to celebrate my two-year Knit-aversary which is in January!  I know it’s nerdy, but it is meaningful for me to keep track of how far along in this hobby I have come since then – for example, during my first year of knitting, I knit my dad a hat that turned out to be WAY too big for him.  What did I know about guage, I was a new knitter!   This year, in my slightly older knitting state, I realized that this hat could fit the snowman we were building outside on Christmas day and that maybe the knitting world could use a pattern for “An Accidental Snowman Hat”. 

Now at the start of my third year of knitting, I think I have moved beyond giant hats and denying when I need to rip something out and start again.  Along those lines, I am officially making it one of my 2010 goals to write at least four knitting patterns of my own design.  Wish me luck!   

More new year’s goals to come in a future post. 
Happy New Year everyone!