Seems like most of the blogs I read have already posted their first FOs of the new year, so I thought I’d better add mine to the list!     Two gray wool hats for the Ships Project, and a pair of mittens for my friend Laena.   She bought the yarn and asked for mittens – how could I say no?  Especially when Ann and I dragged her to the yarn store for an hour when she doesn’t really knit? 

Sorry about the photo – the combination of cloudy days, an iPhone camera and general laziness about photography are to blame.    The blue hat was just being washed, it’s from 2009, not a new knit.

After those three more time-sensitive knits and completing Christmas knitting, I am back to my four current WIPs:
1. Tan scarf (sock yarn on size tens, stockinette stitch, half done)
2. Tan/Gray/Pink Baby Blanket (garter stitch, will eventually have a crocheted border, maybe.)
3. The Asher vest (STILL only half done)
4. A raglan baby sweater I just found one completed front for – since I have multiple pregnant friends, I located the pattern and other yarn and am going to finish it with these other WIPs.  It’s going to be cute – dark tan with green sleeves. 

I am pretty content with my WIPs right now – while there are a million projects I’d like to do, finishing these first as a sort of unofficial New Year’s resolution is keeping me happy and busy.  Though given the research that resolutions only last an average of 18 days, I better finish these in the next week and a half… :)  

Tomorrow: New Year’s Goal List for 2010!