1. Knitting:  (a) Design 4 patterns.  Even if they are simple, based off an idea in a magazine, or similar to someone else’s – I just want the experience of writing patterns for the future. Anything I come up with that is actually original I plan to publish on the blog and on Ravelry.   (b) Knit 20 items.  Since I am already at three and have four current projects, I foresee this one being easy (though we’ll see how school cuts into knitting time). 

2. Read three non-fiction books.  That may seem low for a whole year, but most of my reading time is unashamedly taken up by fiction books and Bible devotions.  My first selection is a book on finances and marriage (Debt Proof Your Marriage), which I think will be very fruitful as Seth and I prepare for a potential move in the fall.

3. Tithe consistently.   When you work part time and your husband is a student, sometimes it’s just easier not to give back to God what he deserves and well, what he gave you in the first place.  Even though we don’t have much money, it’s my goal to stop forgetting and putting it off, and give generously.

4.   Be able to do 5 pull-ups.  Hopefully this goal will create a good exercise routine for me.  To get to this goal, I plan to make a workout routine that I will actually follow (making the plan – easy, executing said plan – not so much).   Really, I’d just like to be able to make that joke about getting tickets to the gun show and be able to show off real muscles.

5. Minimize fabric stash to only one bin.  If we move, I don’t think we’ll have space to store multiple bins of the same craft item.  I am pretty sure that crafting supplies in general will need more than one bin, but would like to get down to only one dedicated to fabric.  Between actually sewing things and donating some fabric that I know deep down I will never use, I think this may be attainable. 

I think there are probably many more goals that I have (including spiritual and financial goals that I am still working out in my head), but this seems to be a challenging and yet attainable set of goals for me to start with.  Wish me luck!    

What are your 2010 goals?