1. Hooray for the upcoming Ravelympics (the Olympics for knitters – don’t mock me)!  I joined the team of my SNB group that meets Sundays and signed up for the WIP event.  My goal is to finish my Asher Vest and my long tan scarf before the Olympics are over.   Which gives me two weeks, well, really from now until the Olympics are over, so longer I guess (which I will need, let’s be real).

2. At the Starbucks drive-thru near my apt, there is a stuffed Yoda doll clutching a venti cup on a high shelf just barely visible through the window while you are waiting in the line.  Just a touch of quirkiness to a normally all-business, no messing around type of place.

3. I spent a good deal of the last two days sewing and knitting.  Mostly sewing for new babies and knitting secret birthday gifts. I love the weekend.  I also helped out with a World Relief knitting workshop Saturday AM, it was great to teach knitting to other women – maybe I need to get a new career (not that I technically have a career right now…)

4. One of my classes (Design Studio) has four big projects due:
(a) an original design based on architecture – I picked a Victorian House and will be making a dress/cropped jacket combo.
(b-c) a mini-collection of two designs inspired by a painting.  I chose Winged Figure and have started one of the designs – a long white gown with the subtle design of wings on the back.   The other design is supposed to be like the first in some way, but I have no idea what to make…
(d) Redesign a wedding dress/evening wear dress.  The school was given three large boxes of discontinued sample dresses that a bridal store would have otherwise had to have thrown away (can’t sell certain samples).   I grabbed two long strapless gowns, one in a bright blue, the other a deep brown.  I have an image in my mind, but don’t know how to execute it.
I’ll post pictures of the designs and finished projects as they come up.   The first one is already due in two weeks – time to get drafting.

5. Tomorrow is my day off work – I’ve got big plans including: the gym, drafting a jacket pattern, going to Susanna’s to wind yarn on her swift, and will finish off the day with laundry and watching the Psych guys on RAW (yes, that’s right – wrestling).  Go Monday!