Moving right along with at least one of my goals (to knit 2o items this year), here is a collage of two finished things, and some WIPs.

Asher Vest, Kristen’s hat, Toasty mitts for Sasha,
and Garter Rib Fingerless mitts for me!

There seems to be lots of knitting happening at my apt, but now that school has started, it might have to take a backseat to full-scale sewing projects (this semester is going to be crazy BTW).

Speaking of sewing, here is a bag I made after New Years in one evening:

I’ve already used it a lot – mostly transporting other craft supplies – and I really like the handle length (refashioned karate belts) and the way the bag folds in and out on itself depending on what I am carrying.

Photos of my school projects to come – this weekend: a jacket and dress for my “inspired by architecture” project.  Wish me luck!