While procrastinating taking a break from my homework today,  I made these four pins.  The ONE I was going to make quickly as a birthday gift for my MIL turned into two hours and four pins.  I am considering making a bunch of these to finally open an Etsy store, but am going to do some research first to make sure that these don’t look like something a million other people are selling on that site (I don’t mind being a copycat when I make things, but I refuse to sell things that look identical to someone else’s work – “Let’s get ethical, ethical, let’s get into ethics yeah”)

They are each a mix of burned-edge organza, wool, velvet and buttons.  I keep scraps of things that might make cute pins in a bag and thought I should finally get to work on it!  I could make an army of pins with my combined scrap/button/felt/bead/lace/random other things collection.

To make your own, make circles of various fabrics in various sizes.  Make some poly-organza circles and hold the edges over a candle to get them to melt a little bit (this may take a little practice – I had both burned fingers and black melted organza after my first try).  Stack them up in a pretty fashion (usually largest to smallest), add a small felt circle as a backing and sew the stack together using beads or a button.  Securely sew a pin clasp onto the back and voila!