I kicked off my WIP event for Ravelympics on Saturday, since Seth and I were on a Valentine’s date Friday night during the Opening Ceremonies.    Worked a few inches on my tan scarf,

Then a few more on my Asher Vest.

I thought I had better finish the vest first and last night, after a few more inches and seeing the end in sight, I made a terrible discovery.

While working the last decreases for the second front, I noticed that the second front looks suspiciously smaller than the first.  Holding the bottom edges together, there was about a 3/4″ difference in width.   To make things worse, by the time you got up to the armhole decreases, the difference was about 2″.     After recounting my stitches, I realized that I had cast on the wrong number of stitches to begin with and since everything had gone well so far with pattern stitch count, I guess I assumed that all was okay.  

After a few inner tears, an attempt to make myself believe that I could somehow make this work if I seamed it up a different way and added to the button band, followed by a stern talking-to a word of encouragement from my husband about how I’d like the vest better if I started this half over again, I found myself ripping the whole thing out.

Ripping out something you’ve knitted can be both heartbreaking and liberating at the same time, though last night the joy was overcast by heartbreaking visions of my own inattention to stitch counts and fears of doing it wrong again…

I cast on right away to make sure I didn’t give up completely, and so far the new piece is growing pretty fast.     We’ll see if I can get this vest done in the next two weeks with this little wrench thrown in there…  Wish me luck!