Last January, in celebration of my first knit-aversary, I took a class on fair isle mittens.   Seeing as I had never made anything with a fair isle pattern, and also had never made mittens, this class seemed like the perfect combo to learn new things. 

After finished about 1/4 of one mitten, Seth looks at it and proclaims that he wants some mittens just like it.  Talk about faith in my abilities, considering the end result could have turned out horrible and he couldn’t then take back the compliment, but would have had to continue complimenting poorly made mittens… but I digress.    Since then about once a month I have gotten asked, “Have you made my mittens yet?”, to which the answer has been a resounding no followed by a slightly apologetic look before reaching into my knitting bag and pulling out another project that I had started that wasn’t mittens.  

I think he started to get a little annoyed when his mittens hadn’t been started, but I felt it was okay to whip up (okay, slowly make) mittens for his sister and her new husband as a wedding gift.  That may have been a little insulting, but luckily my husband is a patient man. 

Two months ago, I decided it was time to get a move on with these things (whether it was a selfless, loving decision to make these for my beloved hubby, or a totally selfish desire to be free to move on with other personal knitting projects, you can be the judge) and so Seth and I went over to JoAnns to pick up some Patons wool for his mittens (this stuff knits up AWESOMELY).   

Wool in hand, I began to secretly design and work on these mittens, finally finishing them last Thursday with the goal accomplished of turning them into a Valentine’s Day gift.  Washed and air dried near my desk at work to keep the secret, I gave them to him Friday.   Seeing as he’s worn them every day since, I think they are a hit.

I really like that the color differences are really subtle, and though you probably can’t tell from my one poor photo, the design is a sort of vague argyle pattern that I drew up for these after looking at other two color argyle patterns on Ravelry (most argyle is at least three colors and I am not ready for that…). 

Project #5 in my 20 project goal for 2010 completed, and a very happy husband – This is a good day, people.

Happy (belated) Valentine’s day to you and yours!