Happy Tuesday everyone. 

I had some fairly productive sewing days in the last week, especially this weekend, when my accomplished goals were this:

1. Finish my project for Design Studio – A white skirt and top to go in a mini-collection with the long formal dress I posted about last week.  Let’s just say, they both got done, but I am not happy.  I would like to forget they ever happened and start over, but alas, there is no time for that now.

2. Finished up a bunch of pre-cut and prepped baby items, including finally finishing 6 bibs, 6 ribbon tag blankets, and 4 lengths of triangle flags/bunting as a decoration for a baby shower I am hosting this weekend.

Can I just tell you that this was the easiest thing ever to make?  Pinking shears and a long length of ribbon – and no hems or buttonholes or zippers.  Aaah, sweet relief.  It’s an orange and blue color scheme, so I picked fabrics in all shades of orange, medium blue and teal – I can’t wait to put these up for the party!

3. Finish a small pile of those projects that everyone who sews has but won’t admit it.   You know, that pile of almost finished, just one thing left to do, some day I will fix that, could be finished in 5 minutes projects.   Let’s just say, I was through that pile in about 20 minutes and can’t really tell why I waited.

4. Started about 30 layered fabric flowers.  Finished 18, have the rest waiting for either beads or a pin back.   (I am going to briefly open an Etsy store as a way to earn money, use up my stash of supplies, and feed my seemingly uncontrollable urge to make things.  More on that to come in a later post.)

4. Yesterday I put off my homework (drafting a jacket pattern) to sew up a prototype of a knitting bag/zippered toiletries bag for the Etsy store.   After I was finished sewing (and following a few cheers of glee at how it turned out), I decided that even though I have a million things going on right now – this little bag needed a knitting project to go into it.  So I cleaned up my sewing mess supplies, and opened up my cedar chest of yarn for the first time in a while (at least for me) and found it two little skeins of alpaca to have all zippered up and snug inside.   I think I will make some fingerless mitts on my trip to MN this weekend…..   

Can I just tell you that my heart did a little flutter when I looked inside that cedar chest and saw my yarn?   I really don’t know if that is a normal reaction, but it also happens to me whenever I see Amy Butler fabric or walk into an aisle of ribbons.    Does this happen to anyone else?   I think my friend Kristen would say that it happens to her around anything that has been letterpressed and bottles of bright pink nailpolish.  My husband would say that it happens to him (well, some sort of manly version of heart-fluttering) when he sees a sale on books by big names in Biblical Studies.   And well, my friend Jenna feels flutters around any sort of candy, although on second thought, the flutters may or may not be the effects of the candy itself.   But I digress…   Let me just say that snooping through my own yarn stash was like some sort of therapy.

Anywho – that is a list of what I have been up to the past few days and there is an equally long list of have-to’s and want-to’s waiting for today, tomorrow and the rest of the semester.  And I am loving it.    

PS: Seth turned in his PhD applications today.  Please pray for us as we wait to hear about programs and then decide on what to do next!  Thanks!