Happy Thursday everyone!    Forgive my lengthy absence.  (well, actually, this sort of lengthy absence from the blog is pretty much the norm around here…)

I have been busy preparing my Etsy store with these lovelies (if I do say so myself)…

as well as some knitting bags and earrings – and soon to be some more knitting bags and other goodies.  

I listed over 30 items today and hope to keep that number rising.   I have no real high expectations for this Etsy shoppe of mine, but it is a great excuse to create things and hopefully use up the ridiculous amount of supplies I have hoarded in our one bedroom apartment.  The official grand opening will wait for a few more items to be created and listed, but go ahead and take a gander if you are so inclined…

That was the “newness”, and pretty much lots of things that I am creating could fall into that category,  but the “sameness” comes in with a little bit of work on this:

Aaah, ye olde tan scarf.  A WIP of over a year has resurfaced.   Well, to be fair, it did make solid showing in my January “Finish those D*&^ WIPs” month, but there are seemingly miles left to go on this.    I dug it out  picked it up again a few days ago and it has been a much needed, simple, no pattern, almost brainless project in the midst of school, Etsy, and work.  Always good to have one of those going.  Who knows, maybe by the time it gets cold again, it will be done!

Projects for the weekend:
1. More knitting bags sewn.
2. Jacket/Skirt done for school.
3. A few inches rows finished on Ye Olde Tan Scarf (yes, that will now be its name)
4. Alter past semester projects for the upcoming school fashion show and finish my pile of pant alterations (potential future post: Just bought two pairs of jeans at Goodwill to refashion) and other small sewing projects.
5. Enjoy the amazing weather before it snows again, which it inevitably will, probably within a month or so totally out of the blue.
6. See how this list goes, add to it, subtract from it, add more again, continue to add more, give up and just work on Ye Olde.   

7. and most importantly, celebrate Easter and our Risen Lord! 

Back hopefully next week sometime!