I will be finished with school soon, so wanted to make use of the sergers they have before I leave.    Last week, a woman from my class was wearing the most interested sweater – turns out it was one of those long, rectangular wrap sweaters (a large rectangle with sleeves – but NOT a Snuggie).   She had twisted the two sides, then ties the corners in the back.    I was so interested in the look she had created that I asked if I could dissect the sweater.     Later, while going through some sewing patterns, I realized that I had a pattern for a sweater exactly like the one she was wearing, and was inspired to use the instructions to make my own.

Here it is hanging freely.  To make it, I cut out a rectangle after measuring how long and wide I wanted it to be. I serged around the entire rectangle to keep it from fraying.  Then I measured across my back shoulder to shoulder and cut long ovals as armholes.   I used my sleeve sloper to create the sleeves (a long sleeve pattern from any sewing pattern would work), serged the edges and sewed them in.     The whole process was pretty fast.

Here it is all twisted and tied in the back:

It might be a little tough to see the details because of the pattern, but I really like the finished shape of the piece.

I had some extra fabric, so utilized the serger again to make a simple long scarf.

I’m off to see what other fabrics I have that would benefit from a serger – those projects may have to move up the list a little…