A day late, but it is the thought that counts.

Just a quick update on my current knitting/crocheting projects:

1. A crocheted striped baby blanket out of my, for whatever reason, giant collection of Cotton-Ease cotton/acrylic blend yarn.   Just a project to use the collection for a greater good – or well, to use yarn that I used to love but now don’t like for knitting.

2.  I guess I am using some of the Cotton Ease in this baby dress – stripes of all types of yarn to use up some leftovers. Just starting this one, it’ll be a while before it’s on a baby.

3. Another just started project – a dropped stitch pattern vest/tank top thing for the summer.   (someday I will add links to the patterns I am making – but today is NOT that day)  I am in love with the chocolate brown of this yarn – the picture does not do it justice.

4. Fingerless Mitts in a deep red orange from Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn.  One done, one to go.

5.-8 (?).   I think I have a few more WIPs buried in my cedar chest – those won’t be seeing the light of day for a while.   I haven’t been “yarn-ing” much, too much sewing to do and it’s still going!

I will post photos from my school fashion show soon, just waiting to get them back!  To end, I will leave you with my newest yarn acquisition, bought last weekend with a birthday gift certificate from my husband! Some Claudia Hand Paints Sock weight – no telling what this will end up as yet (but probably not socks…).