This space will have to wait for renovation until after my big work project: directing Vacation Bible School.     This particular work assignment will have me:

-Giving puppets new wigs and costumes.

-Creating a SuperHero costume for myself and others.

-Making up a rockin’ SuperHero handshake.

-Sewing up a table covering and overhanging sign combo for the registration desk.

-Doing related paperwork/designing brochures and forms until AFTER the cows come home.

In other news (briefly):

1. I am going to do this project with Craft Hope.  Anyone else want in?

2. I am currently working on 5 quilts. (No, I am not crazy, and yes, I will be working on VBS first)

3. I re-organized my knitting bag, switching it into a different bag and adding in lots of homemade project bags to keep all my new projects organized. (this also will be waiting for me at the end of VBS)

4. I am loving all the ruffles to be found on this blog/shop by Maggie Whitley.

5. Soonly we will let you all know where hubby and I will be living in the fall – SOONLY.

Gotta run, I’ll be back after I sew some new wigs onto old puppets…