This year, Seth and I were able to join in with my dad’s side of the family at the craziest Fourth of July party ever had. Ever.    My dad’s side of the family is a large, loud, slightly obnoxious group of people who, though totally crazy, are actually a pretty functional family (no divorces or estrangements) for whom I am totally grateful.    My cousin Jennie and her husband, Dan, came from DC, and we always love seeing them.

We participated in the local small town parade as per the usual, our theme was Christmas in July.  Here are some photos (though these aren’t inclusive of all the fun that was had – volleyball games, dance night, junk food like you wouldn’t believe, etc)

We stopped at my uncle’s bar, Mavericks, on the way up.  It’s a pretty nice small town bar with a driving range out the back (eventually to become a full course).   He had been saving antiques for years and finally put them to good use when he decorated his bar – I love how it looks (compared to the maybe two other small town bars I’ve ever been in).

(The last photo is of my Grandmother’s Antique store sign from decades ago, and also of my grandfather’s council election sign – you can’t really tell, but this photo is of the ceiling. I love seeing the memories preserved in this new place!)

Thanks to my family for a great weekend!