I’ve recently been on a quilt kick.  Actually, to be truthful, I have been saving up to make some of these quilts for years, just now collecting enough scraps to make full quilts out of them.  I have a few more planned, some for me and Seth and others as secret gifts for certain people….   But for now, I have finished two – one for my sister (a birthday/graduation gift) and another commissioned by my aunt: a tee shirt quilt for my cousin Libby.

My sister’s is all new materials – the first quilt of mine I consider to be a “real” quilt.  Mostly because I did a hand finished binding on it, and it’s slightly more complex than an all square quilt – with strips instead of squares.

and here’s Libby’s:

Both were made within the last few weeks (amongst the chaos that was the last few weeks) and finished on my way up to MN this past weekend/at my parent’s house.  Which, yes, included finishing the hand sewing during car rides – the things we do for love.

With these two done, the rest don’t have looming deadlines, so I am planning on sewing through my stash and creating some new garments for myself, as well as doing some mending/tailoring to some other pieces.   Then it’s on to the other quilts!