1. BBQ with Dan/Clare, Lauren/Greg, Brian/Amy and their daughter Addie.  And a large weimaraner to eat all of the food that falls off my shish-kabob.

2. Sewing to work through some stash fabrics.  I’ll be on a trip with the youth from church next week, leaving me with no sewing time (a worthy exchange of activities, but I have a lot I want to sew, so this weekend it is).

3. Finally getting back to my weekly knitting group.  No one else in my life seems to want to talk about stashes or needles or the latest patterns for hours on end, strange though it may seem, so I am always happy to meet up with the group.

4. Biking with my crazy island friend Sasha Saturday morning. I’m a little nervous given her recent ACL surgery, but the doctor told her it was okay….  Not that she would necessarily heed his words if he told her not to, but it does make me feel better.

5. Making jam with my father-in-law with berries I picked with my own hands.  I wonder if I’ll become one of those crazy canning ladies?

6. Probably seeing a cheap-theater movie with this lady, as per normal on the weekend.

7. Hopefully a dinner date with the mister (hint, hint, honey).

8.  Laundry, cleaning, organizing all the rest of the stuff that we moved over here into the inlaws (good grief), and other “fun” but not really blog-worthy tasks.

PS:  I am a big fan of this book trading site – I have “swapped” about 15 books and am mailing another off tomorrow!

PPS: I would like to make this, this and a bunch of these.  Swoon.