I’m sure the 4 of you who read my blog couldn’t care less about my knitting projects (unless they happen to be a gift for you), but this is my blog, so too bad – you’re going to have to hear about them anyways.

I’m in the knitting phase when you want to knit, but you want to only knit simple, virtually patternless projects – ones you can knit during movies, pull from your bag at any spare moment without thought, and yet are still pretty, functional pieces.       This realization came to me last night as I was attempting to start an easy lace scarf project (but with a pattern that would have to be glued to my hands).  I could barely force myself to start, so I just quit right there.   Patterns are great, but ones I have to keep a consistent eye on seem to overwhelm me at the moment – Just let me knit!

So today I will pull out some yarn I have in mind for a simple 3×3 rib scarf, as well as yarn I have planned for a simple stockinette vest (pattern required for this one, but only after I knit 16″ of stockinette in the round – it’ll be a while).   After these, I have visions of simple hats and mitts, and who knows, by then complex knitting love may have returned to me…   but for now, my upcoming trip to Minneapolis will be full of simple knitting goodness.

NOTE: How my excitement to knit the 2010 cardigan fit into this new realization I have yet to figure out since it will have me eye-ing the pattern constantly, but I already have the yarn, pattern and needles for it (and I think my desire to have one might outweigh any other considerations.  It will be mine.) 

What projects, knitting or otherwise, are you all working on these days?