Went down to IA this weekend for a Nixa family reunion and am now staying in MN for the week – since I had my last official day of work on Friday, I am now a lady of leisure, free to do what I will (so long as it’s not too expensive – moving to Scotland is not free you know).

Here’s a few iPhone photos from my mini-trip to IA:

{Bridget  and me}

{Fishing Boat Ride}

{Iowa’s version of Mountain Dew/Sprite}

{Boat ride clouds}

For the rest of my week in MN, I plan to:

-Lunches, movies, and girl’s nights with friends
-Start my 2010 Cardigan in Ivory Ecowool
-Celebrate a wedding shower BBQ for a family friend
-Play outside and enjoy the MN lakes that I really miss when I’m in IL
-Miss my Seth, especially since after this 8-day trip, I will be taking a 6-day cruise with Julie and Clare, then helping take my sister to college in Boston for a few days – and missing him is pretty much the only bad thing about my current and upcoming trips. Aaah, the life of a temporary lady of leisure…