Hello from Edinburgh everyone!    Eventually you will be able to hear all about our new adventure on our new family blog, but for now, I will catch you up briefly on a few things that I have been doing/thinking about.

Here is the view from our hotel window:

Here is a headband I made for a friend before I left (I also made a baby one for myself, but alas, no photos):

Just a simple flower on a headband – I wish I could make a million of these and sell them on Etsy…  hmmm.  Going to have to look into this idea and see what sort of crafting culture Edinburgh has, anyone have any idea?

I would really like this backpack – they used to have it in this great pink/blue combo that I preferred.  I showed it to my mom, who thought I had really lost it, but well, I just love this.  And let’s face it – I would love to own almost everything Fossil makes when it comes to handbags… (hint hint Christmas 2010: Fossil giftcard = amazing)

I guess my Fossil love also includes small zippered bags (though to be honest, I have an obsession with almost all small zippered bags).  I have one for my makeup (no photo), and recently bought one for $4 on clearance to hold my drawing supplies:

I think I had told myself originally that I was buying this for a gift, but let’s face it, I am a total sucker for these things – Fossil + zippered bag?  It was a lost cause from first sight.

In the background of the above photo you can see something that resembles a red striped shirt.   It is actually my small travel pillow.  I picked up this pillow at the thrift store to use for my back on the long car rides to and from MN and IL.  The actual pillow isn’t totally awful to look at, but I did have this button down that hubby HATED – so I sewed it up into a pillow cover.   Hubby mostly hates it because it has sort of ironic nautical embroidery all over it (which he thought was kind of old lady-ish).  But I mean, how could you not love a shirt that has this on it?

Don’t worry, this particular bit of embroidery wasn’t pointing anywhere inappropriate… :)
The end of the story is that I eventually listened to my man, and decided the whole thing was better suited to a pillow cover than an actual shirt – and I actually really like it.

I finally started my 2010 Cardigan and have a few inches to show for myself:

Next to the knitting is my favorite book – it’s a continuation of one of Jane Austen’s unfinished works.  Great light-hearted story with lots of humor.

I plan to stop in to a knitting group I found on Ravelry in a couple nights – they meet at a tea place every Thursday.  I am excited to meet some people in my new city.   Tomorrow I plan to walk to a couple of Edinburgh’s knitting shops – just to see what they offer for classes/yarn/knitting groups.  I am hoping the staff can also give me an idea of what the crafting culture is like around the area – websites, fairs, conferences, etc.

Oh, so much I want to know, and so much impatience to know it.

I guess to finish up this crazy, random post, I might as well show you a couple more photos – this is what hubby and I together brought with us to Edinburgh:

We were such a traveling circus trying to get all of this through airports and onto shuttles and into the hotel – it was an ORDEAL.    Here is my stuff in our hotel room:

It apparently gets bigger once unleashed from its cage….

Farewell for now – more to come soon!   Love you all!