Feeling inspired by a post by this lovely lady, and having no photos to show for my last week’s worth of crafting, here are some good things about this week:

1. Attending TWO knitting groups in two days.
2. Eating two pieces of chocolate cake in one day.
3. Re-watching the LOTR Trilogy.
4. A new friend who let me borrow her sewing machine after only a few days acquaintance.
5. Tall glasses of cool water.
6. Dreaming about visiting all of the beautiful vintage and second hand shops I’ve seen on my walks around Edinburgh.
7. Reminiscing about friends and family back home. (good in the memories, not so good when I think of how much I miss them)
8. Lots of time spent with my hubby.

There have been more – I feel like the transition from there to here is going well.

Back later with photos of knitting…