Before our big move to Edinburgh, I cut way back on my knitting WIPs, spending more time finishing sewing WIPs & sewn Christmas gifts.  I also ripped out several WIPs that I knew deep down I was never actually going to finish.  These actions left me with only one WIP – a crocheted baby blanket that I was making from stash yarns.   This project was way too large to pack for our move, so it is very patiently sitting stored away in a bin with my other yarns back in IL. (don’t worry, little blankie – I’ll bring you back here with me next time I hop the pond!)

Having nothing on needles and limited space to pack yarn, I decided to start the 2010 Cardi that I’ve been yapping about for months now.    I started it before we left, and thanks to the two new knitting groups I’ve joined, and having only a few other skeins with me to distract me, I have gotten this far on my new sweater since we moved:

I am really happy with the sweater so far, and it’s been easy enough to do while at knitting group, while being interesting enough (buttonholes, inc/dec rows) to keep me going while sitting at home.   Plus, I really want to be able to wear it soon, which always helps.

I picked this natural cream color because I had just recently donated two worn-out ivory cardigans and had a gap in my wardrobe for this color, but I think I would like to make this again one size larger in a brighter color.    When I showed up at my first Edinburgh knitting group, a lovely woman name Elody was knitting this exact pattern in a poppy red that I LOVED.   After this, I think I may seriously consider knitting another 2010 Cardi in the next year or two (unless I have gone crazy from all the moss stitch…).  I’ve committed to working at least 5 rows a day on this one (usually more), so wish me luck that I’ll have this first version done by the time the cold, dark Edinburgh winters roll around!

The 2010 Cardi had been my only project until I was invited to a baby shower for a friend here who is due with a baby girl in a few weeks.  From the small stash I brought with me (some light blue cashmerino aran, bright pink washable wool, Claudia Hand Paints sock yarn, and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock yarn),  I plucked out a skein of the Claudia Hand Paints and knit up this week hat in a couple of days:

100 stitches on size 2 and 3 dpns – with an inch of ribbing and an i-cord knot at the top.  I do hope it fits a baby’s head. :)  I worked on this hat while meeting up with a new friend (who’s life and interests bear striking similarities to my own, almost in a scary way…).

After finishing this wee hat, I started in on my new Rowan Lima yarn to make a hat for myself.    No photos of that yet, but it’s coming along rather quickly so I should be able to unveil the finished object next week.   I also am anticipating receiving two boxes from home in the next week – each one contains a combination of books, shoes, games, clothes and YARN.  I hope they come soon – I can’t wait to pretend that all my “old” stuff is new again when I open the boxes!

Until then, I will be working on secret Christmas knitting and moss stitch in both cardi and hat form.

Happy Wednesday!