{2010 Cardigan progress}

{simple sock yarn hat in Malabrigo}

{basketweave & stockinette infinity scarf}

{fingerless mitts in Claudia Hand Paints – one done, this one half done!}

Not pictured: Rowan Lima mittens (ripped out the hat, started mittens instead)

Next up:
-Deep purple sweater
-Hats (I need more than what I brought!)
-Fingerless mitts in black/near black for both Seth and I
-Inevitably something random that will catch my eye and everything else will get knocked down a rung or two. I’d like to think that I can “plan” when it comes to knitting, but as this has already happened twice in the last week (brown hat & Lima mittens) – I’d say the chances of it happening again are quite good…

What are you working on? Do you make plans for future projects or just pick up whatever strikes your fancy that day?