Back in July I sat down with my full craft supply stash in front of me and made an ambitious list of Christmas gifts for family and friends.   Knitting, sewing, all manner of crafts were a part of this list and I made an effort to match gifts to people who would really appreciate them, who would really love them.  And let’s face it – taking the time to make these thoughtful gifts would be the only big expense, seeing as I could create almost anything out of that ridiculous stash I had going.

Fast forward through the summer into the fall and you will find that my list in total has only FIVE handcrafted gifts on it.   Let’s take a little journey to see how I got there:

Our move to Edinburgh necessitated a large “stashdown”, in which multiple boxes of fabric, yarn and other goodies were given to friends and charities throughout August.   Our move also dictated how many sewing projects I could really complete before we left, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to bring my sewing machine with me and not knowing how long it would be before I bought a new one.    Before we left, I was able to sew three of the gifts I had planned (these were larger scale projects), forsaking about ten others (smaller projects).

Three gifts made and left in good care until they could be opened at Christmas.   The list was revised, changing out some sewing projects for knitting ones – I mean, I can knit anywhere!  Without a machine!  The perfect plan!     With the arrival of the two boxes I had packed up to be shipped after our move, I would have plenty of yarn to make gifts for all!

Wait, share my yarn?  Was I serious?  What about all those projects I wanted to make for me?  Each skein was already queued into a lineup of projects I had been waiting to make… for myself!   With this selfish thought in mind, I revised the list.

But then my heart “grew three sizes” in one day, and knitted gifts once again flooded the list.  Maybe, I thought, I can make some gifts with this yarn, and buy yarn for other gifts?   The chance to buy yarn?  I’m in.

Then in happened.  Last week, reality set in.   A jumble of thoughts and new projects and realizations made me think differently about my plans:
1. Who on this list will really appreciate a knitted gift?
2. Don’t I still love people who don’t appreciate knitted gifts?
3. Maybe they would prefer something else?
4. Just because I love the yarn I have, doesn’t mean other people are going to love it, and therefore – it will be more appreciated by me! (okay, that might just be me being selfish).
5. Again, maybe they would prefer something else?

And that’s how the list shrank from admittedly about eighteen crafted gifts to only five.  Three that are already completed back in the states, one knitted item to be made and one sewn item (I packed up fabric for one project last minute – it was on the “definitely to be made as a gift” list and I KNOW the recipients will ADORE it – plus now that I have a machine, I can make it!).    Everyone else has been assigned a new gift based on what I know to be their personal preference.    I get more time to craft for me, they get a gift they’ll love (I hope), Happy Christmas, win-win-win.

While we’re discussing Christmas, I’d like to let everyone know that this, this, this, this and this are on my dream Christmas gift list for this year.   Just an FYI.

What are your Christmas gift wishes?  For others?  For yourself?