Just a quick update on my current projects:

1. 2010 Cardi – Joined at the shoulders, just the collar and short sleeves left.
2. Brown Sock Yarn Hat – Still plugging along in endless stockinette.
3. Gray Cabled Mittens – newly started, but coming along nicely.  My first cabled project.
4. One Row Hat – out of my Rowan Lima, I’ve started a hat (again).  The pattern is called One Row Hat, but I don’t know why since there are two rows to the pattern… 
5. Brown Vest – A simple v-neck vest in super soft yarn.  It’s bottom up, and I might change the pattern into a full sweater by the time I get to the top – we’ll see how I’m feeling after 15 inches of stockinette. 
6. Gift Knitting – several secret projects on the go as well!

I believe there is more, but those will have to wait until next week’s installment of WIP Wednesday.    I’ll be back then with photos!