If I had endless time and money:

(Because I don’t want to have any issues with copyright, etc, you will just have to link through to find out what each of these looks like – sorry!)

1. Who wouldn’t want to cover jars in little jar-sweaters?

2. Being a huge fan of Wall-E, how could I not want to make a stuffed Eve toy?

3. Edinburgh winds force me to wear a scarf at all times, why not this chunky knit cowl from TenTenKnits?

4. Knowing as you do my immense love for small zippered pouches of all kinds, I may need to make a few of these.

5. After seeing this cardigan on A Friend to Knit With, I believe I will have to make my own.

6. What do you know, another scarf...

7. This sweater, by one of my favorite designers, the cardigan version.

8. I have no need for knitted Viking dolls, but these ones sure are cute.

9. I would like this cardigan and would make one for me and a matching one for Seth.

Just kidding about the matching.

What would you do with endless time and money?  (besides save the world, end hunger, etc etc – let’s go for shallow answers here people…  I already trust that you would do the good stuff first.)

Happy Tuesday!