1. Hat in Rowan Lima – finished once, then ripped back two days later when I realized I would never wear it since it was just a little too small.  It’s been put back on needles and should be finished for my trip to the Highlands next Tuesday.

2. Other WIPs (link to last week’s post)

Honestly, between the hat and a little Christmas knitting, I haven’t added too many stitches to any of the projects I listed last week.  To make this post just slightly less boring for you to read (I stress slightly), I have listed my knitting goals, or the order in which I will finish things, for your reading pleasure (or boredom):

1. Lima Hat & Christmas Knitting Projects (still a secret)
2. Sock Yarn Hat (50% done)
3. 2010 Cardigan  (80% done)
4. Cabled Mittens (20% done)
5. Brown Vest (that may become a sweater)
6. Some other project that I have in my knitting bag right now and can’t remember…

I have some knitting time tonight, as well as Thursday at my knitting group.  My Thursday night group is celebrating its first birthday of gathering at a new location – a ‘Yarnaversary’, and we will be eating cake, knitting, and yarn swapping with the cafe all to ourselves.  Just my kind of party.   (Stop laughing, knitting parties are awesome.) 

Hopefully by the time I return to this space I will have a finished project to show you!