This post’s title is a reference to the fruit bowl sized hat I made my dad when I first began knitting.  My latest two finished knits are in fact a bowl and a hat, separate from each other. :)

This bowl is actually crocheted, lest you think that I am trying to trick you in some way.  I snatched this yarn at my knitting group’s recent ‘Yarniversary’ party – They were having a stash swap and I picked up this yummy bright yellow low-twist slub yarn and a few pattern books.  This is my standard make-it-up-as-you-go crocheted then felted bowl, though larger than any other I have made.  It could probably fit 6 small apples inside it, but I think I probably put candy in there instead…

I only partially felted this one – I liked the texture of the crocheted stitches in the slub yarn.  (FYI – ‘slub’ refers to a type of twist – tight then loose, tight then loose – giving the yarn an uneven look of thick then thin. I love this type of yarn.)

The windy city of Edinburgh requires that I have many hats.  This is a new addition to the lineup – the One Row Hat in Rowan Lima.  It’s very warm and has interesting texture – but after seeing photos of myself in this hat from my recent Highlands trip (photos to come), I can’t say that it’s the best shape for my head/face.  It’s a simple, tight fitting beanie shape, but something is off about it that I can’t figure out.  In any case, it’s warm and matches my new coat (thanks, Mom!) so it had been getting lots of use here despite it’s potential unfashionable-ness.

I am sensing that Rowan Lima will be making a large impact in my stash before too long – it’s incredibly soft and warm.  Danger.

The recent and still falling snow in Edinburgh is making for some excellent knitting weather and a beautiful view from my window.  Time to go make some cocoa and pick up those still unfinished Christmas knits.   Happy Monday!