Happy Wednesday, campers!   I am back with actual photos of knitting (which probably bores you all to pieces, but I am strange enough to LOVE photos of knitted items, even my own, so too bad).

Current Projects:

1. TwentyTen Cardigan – A little progress on this one, I have joined the shoulders and now have only the collar and sleeves. I tried it on and am a little nervous that it might be too tight – yikes.  I hope it blocks well.

2. Brown Vest – This one is looking good so far. I can’t remember the exact pattern name for this one – I will find it before I post my finished item. I know that you can’t tell from the photos, but this yarn is super soft and great to knit with, and the sizing on this knit should be pretty much perfect.  I still have another 8 inches to knit before I split the front and back, so this one might take a while to complete.

3. Sock Yarn Hat – I am almost to the decreases on this one!  Can’t wait to see how it fits – I mean, it better fit, I do not want to rip out thousands of tiny stitches….

4. Dierdre’s Shawl – A simple triangle shawl pattern.  Currently stalled by the useless-ly blunt needles I am using.  Now that I am onto the lace section, I can’t make them work anymore.  I really hurt my hands last time I worked on this thing.   A friend is borrowing me some needles so I can finish this soon.  Despite my needle issues, I am thrilled by this color – perfectly cheery to combat gray days.

The photo isn’t showing it to it’s full bright blue potential – it’s wonderful.

5. Eugenia’s Mittens – My first real cable project!  I worked on this some yesterday and have another cable repeat done.  I believe I will make these fingerless mitts instead of full mittens.  There are a few small mistakes, but I am not ripping back for them.  I mean, can’t expect perfection from your first attempt!

I really like these and am foreseeing a cable outburst in my near future.  Watch out.