Hello from snowy Edinburgh everyone!  The snow, though inconvenient, is good for a few things – giving me more excuses to drink tea and cocoa, allowing me several half-days at work, and of course, the chance to wear 3+ knitted items at a time on any given day.    

I am feeling really good about the pace of my knitting recently, and while projects aren’t literally flying off the needles, I have been more dedicated to knitting than my other hobbies as of late.   I am also pleased to see that the small stash of yarn that I brought across the pond with me is slowly shrinking – meaning that I am actually knitting, as well as getting me closer to my goal for our time in Edinburgh: Not keeping a large stash of either yarn or fabric.    While we are here, I plan to be a non-stash-er.  (Leaving aside the two bins of fabric and one small bin of yarn I left in the states, cough cough.) 

Anyways, that is a post for another day (this week, hopefully).   Here is my updated list of WIPs for this week:

1. Sock Yarn Hat
2. 2010 Cardi
3. Brown Vest
4. Grey Cabled Mitts
5. Blue Shawl

I think this list matches exactly what I posted last week, but I finished my Christmas knits and ripped out something else (for good reason, since I can’t even remember what it was now), I must have missed something in there….  #1 & #2 should be done within the next week or so – leaving me feeling totally not-guilty about the bout of start-itis that I feel coming on…